Design Consultation
We have 30 years of design experience that we bring to the table when we meet with you. Whether you are contemplating the redesign of a kitchen or the construction of a large facility, a successful project begins in the first hour of discussion. Many clients benefit from only a few hours of our time, evaluating the feasibility of an idea or beginning a long-term project.

Needs Assessments and Feasibility Studies
We have the capability to ask the right questions to help you determine your future facility needs. We can evaluate your existing building and site as well as help you with proposed sites. We especially appreciate the opportunity to envision new life for old buildings, whether as adaptive reuse or as historic preservation projects. We have worked with buildings and historic barns as old as 200 years.
At this phase we also evaluate zoning and site development issues, such as utilities, wetlands, flood plains and other natural features.

Site Evaluation and Selection
It is of paramount importance for you to have a thorough evaluation of your site before you make a substantial investment.  This is the time to verify the zoning, utility, setbacks, and other design factors that impact a prospective site.

Sketch Design
This is the method used to capture the essence of your ideas. We use 3-dimensional modeling software to show what your building interior or exterior could look like. We can create multiple design options for your consideration.

Master Planning
Having long-term plans for facilities and sites can be a strategic part of any organization, community or company. We can help you to evaluate how your future needs, objectives and visions can be met, and work with you to develop a master plan. Projects might be implemented in phases over several months (or years), as needed. This will help you determine priorities and prevent costly missteps.

Design Development
Once a sketch design is chosen, we work closely with you to make sure that your ideas are shaped into a cohesive whole that can be built within your budget and schedule. This phase can often include a detailed cost evaluation.

Construction and Permit Drawings
Once a design is finalized, we create construction drawings and specifications that can be used to bid, build and get building permits.

Contractor Selection
Depending upon your needs, we will work with you to find the right builder for your project. This may entail interviews, evaluation of qualifications and/or bidding. We work with you and a qualified contractor to develop a contract for construction.

Construction Oversight
During construction we are available to assure that the building is constructed according to the approved design and to make sure that any last-minute changes you may desire are incorporated into the finished building.