Servant Architecture

I believe architecture is a service profession, and that architects are servants to the universe, our place and our neighbors. This servanthood is both general and specific. It speaks to the attitude of those who serve as architects, to the type of work we do and the way we do it. It has to do with seeing the big picture and paying attention to the little things.

Some principles for servant architecture include:
• Reflection on the condition of the disenfranchised
• Working for justice for all people
• Designing safe, decent and affordable housing for all people
• Striving to create peace-loving communities
• Accommodating the young, frail, disabled and elderly
• Humility in our response to the materials we use
• Frugality in the use of resources
• Respect and care of the natural environment
• A respect and open eyed understanding of the past, – people, institutions, and structures