Architecture, as God’s creature, is subject to the travails of the Fall and must be open to the redemption of the Risen Lord. Those who work to create the built environment therefore ought to seek to be obedient to the call of the Lord to take up our cross and follow him…as servants.
This servant hood is both general and specific. It speaks to the attitude of those who serve as architects, to the type of work we do and the way we do it. It has to do with the big picture and the little things.
Servant architecture takes many forms and is as diverse as those who seek obedience. Among the many ways that we seek to follow is to make “every thought captive to Christ” and to lay our every day and every need before the Lord in prayer. Out of this comes a daily reassurance that this is His world and that the plans of the principalities and the powers will surely be frustrated.

Principles for servant architecture would include the following:
• Working to assure justice for all peoples
• Safe, decent and affordable housing
• Striving to create communities that are peace loving
• Is especially accommodating of the young, frail, disabled and elderly.
• Humility in our response to the materials we have to use
• Frugality in the use of resources
• Respect and care of all God’s creatures
• A respect and care for the past, its people, institutions and structures
• A commitment to discipleship and evangelism in the church and the world

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