bike gateway

AMATS hosted a bicycle planning meeting last night at the Kent Free Library.
What a breath of fresh air to have our regional transportation agency actually understand the vital place of the bicycle in the future of our communities.

One of the items brought up is the culture of the road that will continue to be a major issue, especially in terms of safety. What can we do to improve peoples understanding and build a society where the street belongs to all of us?

One thought, how about gateways to Kent that let people know that we are a “bike city?”

400 Years or 350 PPM?

Isn’t it interesting that every time that the price of gasoline increases at the pump there are many that become indignant. We are told that there are 5 years worth of oil under the arctic, 50 years off-shore in deep water, even 400 years beneath the Rockies! Of course it is there for OUR taking and we should pull it up and burn it! Never mind the next generation, let alone the next millennium.

Our choice is simple. Re-create our civilization to run on solar energy – to return carbon to 350 parts per million, or be remembered by historians as selfish barbarians that imperiled the planet because we had to drive the two blocks to buy lottery tickets.

The Future of the City is in the Palm of our Hands

Take a good look at the palm of your hand.  Do you see the future of the city?  A network of solar powered paths, building blocks, gardens, streams, all elegantly arranged mimicking one of the most incredible things ever designed?   The hand is flexible, the skin responding to the superstructure, with ridges, prints surfaces design for gripping.  We can model our communities when we get a grip that we must live with present energy and resources, conserving irreplaceable fossil fuels for life affirming purposes instead of burning them at the expense of the future of the planet.The Future of the City is in our Hands
The Future of the City is in our Hands