slow down

Phillip Morris’ column on speed enforcement (Friday 16, 2010 Cleveland Plain Dealer) reflects our oil- stained reality in which the unfettered flow and access of the automobile takes precedence over all else in our lives..

As a former city councilman I am aware that everyone is concerned about speeding on their street, and that there are never enough police to even begin to enforce speeding laws, so other means are required.  My parents taught me that you are breaking the law, whether or not someone is there to see you do it.  Mr. Morris and others opposed to red light and speeding cameras seem to be promoting that a driver’s license is a license to speed unless there is a traffic cop there to personally witness their infraction!

Shouldn’t it be enough for us to know that pedestrian survival rate in collision with a vehicle is 95% for 20MPH, 60% at 30 MPH and 20% at 40MPH?  You don’t like it when someone speeds on your street, so don’t do it on someone else’s.

Rick Hawksley

120 Portage Street

Kent, Ohio 44240


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